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[title] Important Build Notes Before You Proceed.
[* black] Many have purchased the MM3 with dual extruders. We strongly recommend you get your printing working well with a single extruder before you attempt printing with a dual extruder configuration.
[* black] If you are attaching a metal plate to an extrusion you will need “two” 5m washers. The exception being the front and back plate of the frame. Use a single washer just on the front plate and use no washers on the rear plate.
[* black] 16 m5-10 screws are used on the top deck of the Y plate, the 4 screws that attach the top U channel plate to the Z extrusions, and 8 on the 90 degree brackets that attach the X extrusion to the Z plate.
[* black] '''Do NOT cut belts until very end of the assembly and you are sure the length is correct.'''
[* black] Some of the extrusion are tapped only on one side. On the Z extrusions the tapped holes go up. On the 2060 X extrusions the taps go to the left side.
[* black] Fan polarity matters. Black is - “minus” Red is “+”. If you get this backwards you will ruin (meltdown) your fans. double check these connections before you power up. The + and - are marked on the Rambo in very small text. You may need a magnifying glass to see them.
[* black] There is a sticker on your power supply to make sure you select your countries supply voltage. Please make sure you do this or it is possible to damage your expensive electronics.
[* black] Included in each wheel bag is a thick washer. This washer goes in the middle of the wheel between the two bearings. If not installed you will not be able to tighten the wheel down properly.