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[title] Plate Identification
[* black] The picture in this section will help you identify the plate parts in the MM3 build.
[* black] You can select pictures in the bar above to bring to main focus. You can then click on the picture to see a larger version.
[* blue] * The Top Deck Side Plates are now two pieces on each side. The pictures in the guide are showing the beta version. The production version will be two.
[* icon_note] Included in the kit will be some small metal pieces for the extruder as well as the belt clamp for the bed plate. These parts may be still attached to a carrier metal plate and have to be removed.
[* black] Removal is accomplished by hitting the small part in the carrier so one side can be grabbed with pliers and then flex back and forth until it breaks free of the carrier.
[* icon_note] Included in the kit are some long bent plates that are not shown in the parts list above. There are 4 of these plates and they look very similar to the Stiffener Plates. These are used to mount the PSU and Rambo.