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[title] Base Frame Part 2
[* black] The two Z motor mounts attach to the frame one on each side near the rear. You can measure the distance of 88.5 or you can align the motor mounts to the 2040 Z extrusion that mounts to the side of the frame.
[* black] You can temporarily install the 2060 Extrusion onto the Side Plate Frame and use a small square to align the Z motor plate to center of the 2060 extrusion or you can measure as detailed below
[* black] With the frame at this point you can install the 4 rubber feet to the bottom of the frame in the slot of the 2020 extrusions. You can assemble the foot as below and slide the foot from the back of the printer into place.
[* black] The picture above is of the full frame from the bottom as it will look a little bit further into the build. This picture makes a good reference when putting most of the sub assemblies together.
[* black] The base frame at this point will not be very sturdy. At a later stage during the Y assembly the frame will become much more rigid.