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[title] Spool Mount & Filament Guide
[* black] The spool mount consists of plate "S" a m8 bolt and two nuts. Mount the plate halfway up the rear 2020 extrusion using two of the post install nuts provided. Screw one nut onto the bolt. Place the bolt into the large hole in the S plate and then secure it with the second 8mm nut from the other side.
[* black] The filament guide is the 4mm OD tubing and a printed part that is user printed. The stl file can be found in the " optional " folder located at the STL link at the beginning of this document.
[* black] Place a post install nut in the 2040 extrusion near the top. Place the tubing into the hole in the printed part and use an M5 screw to tighten the clamp down. The other end of the tube is free and rides on top of the lever arm without being secured.
[* black] When using the spool holder some have reported the ridges on the spool can hang on the screws that mount the plate to the back extrusion. You can cut a piece of thin cardboard or plastic the same size as a spool for a spacer to keep this from happening
[* black] Place the spacer between the plate and your spool.