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[title] Bringing your MM3 online.
[* black] The startup guides for the MM2 and the FM will need to be used until we can complete a separate section for the MM3. These can be found in the docs and support section on our main website here: [|Assembly Guides]
[* black] You can temporarily install your blower fans with zip ties with the blower opening facing down until you print the fan mounts in the optional folder.
[* black] The Mac version of software is known to have issues flashing the Rambo Controller. If you experience problems us the PC software.
[* black] USB 3.0 ports have been known to cause issues with programming and operation of the printer. If possible always try to use USB 2.0 ports.
[* black] The latest version of our private labeled reptier host can be found here.
[* black] Arduino can be found here:
[* black] Rambo Driver is located here:
[* black] Marlin Firmware to be flashed into your Mambo controller is located here :