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[title] MM2 to MM3 Upgrade Kit owners please read!
[* black] Most of your build will follow the full kit build. A few exceptions are noted below.
[* black] The upgrade will reuse your 20 tooth pulleys full kits receive 16 tooth. You will need to change the E step for the X and Y with the new firmware from 100 to 80.
[* black] If you are reusing your maxstruder you will need to change the E steps for the extruder to 480 from the 99 that is in the new firmware. If you are using the new style extruder you do not need to do this.
[* black] If you are reusing your old leadscrews and nuts the Z step needs to be changed to 1600 from the 400 in the MM3 firmware.
[* black] From your MM2 you will reuse 5 of the 2020 extrusions. ( remember one is located under the Y rail. ) pulleys, stepper motors, controller, power supply, usb cables, and possibly some assorted screws.
[* black] Standard kits will reuse the leadscrew and nuts as well as the maxstuder. Deluxe kits receive the same parts for these as the full kit.
[* black] The upgrade kit comes with an adapter to use your old maxstruder so you can use up your 3mm filament before converting over to the new style extruder. There is a pdf in the extruder section that shows how these pieces assemble.
[* black] The upgrade kit requires use of the 3 micro switches that came with your Rambo controller.