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[title] Rambo Controller / PSU Wiring
[* black] A separate guide for the wiring of your controller is located here: [guide|5]
[* black] The long bent plates are mounted to the bottom of the frame as shown in the picture. The rambo mounts to these rails with the supplied spacers. The recommended order is screw, rambo, spacer, 3mm washer, rail, washer, 3mm nut. This is done for all 4 mounting holes.
[* black] The spacers for the above step are whitish plastic tubes with a flat on one end. Detail is shown in the highlighted box in this sections pictures.
[* black] The PSU is mounted with the M4 screws provided with the kit and mounts to the second set of rails as shown in the picture. Make sure the screw does not hit the printed circuit board inside the PSU case. Use washers on the M4 screws as needed.

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