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[title] Bed Assembly Part 4
[* black] If you like can reinstall the Y Axis on the frame now, but you might find it easier to wait until after your electronics are wired.
[* black] Use about 240mm of wire loom to cover the heater wires. Important: When mounting the Heater Secure the wires with a ziptie to the side tab of the Y Plate. Route the cables down the hole located between the two wheels on the right hand side.
[* icon_caution] Place the Heater and Spreader on the Y Plate with the heater down and the Glass on top. '''Attach the Heater to the Heat Bed port and the Bed Thermistor to T2 on the RAMBo.''' Level the glass by following the next section then secure it using the two front Glass Clips.
[* icon_note] The bed shown in the pictures in this section are of the beta bed plate and will be different than the production version. * the side bends on the production kit face up. The wheels are installed with the nuts on the bottom and not on the top as in the picture.