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[title] Bed Assembly Part 3
[* black] Unpacking the glass bed: The glass is taped to styrofoam to protect it during shipping, cut it free then the tape can best be removed by using heat from a blow dryer or a solvent like rubbing alcohol with a scraping tool. Goo begon has also been used effectively.
[* black] Remove the protective sheet from the Aluminum Heat Spreader. * This film is not on the Heat Spreader if the color is black, red, or blue. Silver only has the protective film.
[* orange] Important: Identify any bow in the Aluminum Heat Spreader, if one exists the bow should arch up so the glass will help flatten the Spreader. The other side will get the heater. Align and center the Heater on the Spreader and use some tape to attach them for easier assembly.
[* black] Fold the heater back and peel a corner off the backing to expose the adhesive.Slowly apply the Heater to the Spreader, peeling off the backing as you smooth out the heater.
[* black] Use about 240mm of wire loom to cover the heater wires. Important: When mounting the Heater Secure the wires with a ziptie to the side tab of the Y Plate.
[* icon_caution] Place the Heater and Spreader on the Y Plate with the heater down and the Glass on top. '''Attach the Heater to the Heat Bed port and the Bed Thermistor to T2 on the RAMBo.''' Level the glass by following the next section then secure it using the two front Glass Clips.