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[title] Y Axis Part 5
[* black] The rear clip is installed with a m5-14 screw being inserted from the bottom and threading into the rear glass clip.
[* black] The front glass clips are installed as shown. The screw at the front is a M5-20 screw with a M5 nut installed on the screw before being installed into the bed plate. The second screw is a M5-8 and it threads into hole in the glass clip.
[* black] The kit is supplied with a strip of silicone rubber material. Cut this strip into 3 pieces, remove the paper backing on the adhesive side and stick the silicone piece to the glass clips as show in the picture of this section.
[* black] The two front glass clips will be used to secure your glass in place. You push in on each clip and tighten the screw that threads into the glass clip to secure it in place. This will be done with both front glass clips.

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