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[title] Z Axis Assembly Part 2
[* black] Install the stepper motors for the Z in the mounts you installed in frame assembly step. Keep the 4 m3-6 button head screws loose until a later step where we adjust the motor.
[* black] Install the helical couplers on the Z stepper motor shafts.
[* black] Install the leadnuts onto the leadscrews. The wider flange of the nut goes to the end of the leadscrew that has a shorter turned shaft. The longer end is what will mount to the helical coupler.
[* black] With the leadscrew nut installed on the the leadscrew you can now install the screw assemblies. Place the long turned end into the helical coupler and adjust the nut to a position to allow you to screw the leadnut bracket to the Z plate.
[* black] Install the top front plate with " Makers Tool Works " using 4 m5-8 screws, two Tnuts and two m5 nuts. Note: the top hole on each side only receives a nut on the back and is for aesthetics.

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