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[* black] Install the X endstop as shown. The micro switch mounts behind the printed plastic mount with two provided m2 screws. The endstop mounts to the lower left side of the X extrusion. bottom slot.
[* icon_caution] Note the lever arm of the switch face down. If mounted with the switch going up it will hit the 2060 X extrusion and not work properly.
[* black] Connect all endstops with the cables shown. These cable are packaged with the Rambo controller. You will use the two outside post on the micro switches.
[* black] The Endstop cables will connect to the area highlighted in the picture. The lettering for each port is small but on the board. Install the cables to the X, Y, Z min connectors.
[* black] The board has a MAX xyz input as well and is not used with our printer.