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[title] Extruder Assembly Part 2
[* black] Install the completed lever arm to the extruder body with a m3-18 screw using a washer next to the screw head. Use thread lock on this screw. Tighten but leave loose enough so the lever arm can move.
[* black] Install the Brass hob onto the stepper motor shaft. You will need to squeeze the lever arm down to do this step.
[* black] For the assembly of the E3D V6 Hotend please use the documentation located at and a video tutorial located here.
[* black] Trim the ptfe tube (white) as shown in the picture. This will ensure that the filament does not try to bow out as much from the hob to the hotend causing a jam. Shown circled in picture.
[* black] Install the hotend from the bottom of the hotend block. You may have to raise the Z to have enough room to do this step or you can remove the screws that hole the leadnut bracket to the Z so you can easily move the Z up and down.
[* black] The production version of the hotend block has two holes in the front for setscrews to secure the hotend in place. The set screws should be tightend so the screw hits the top groove cut into the hotends outside edge at the top of the hotend.
[* black] Hotend groove denoted in the picture.

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