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[title] Extruder Assembly
[* black] Install the Aluminum hotend block to the carriage with 3 m3-8 screws inserted into the deep holes that are center front of the block. ( highlighted in picture ) Verify after installation of these screws that the X still moves freely. to long of a screw will bind the X carriage.
[* black] Install the extruder printed body to the carriage with two m5-8 screws and nuts. Also attach this piece to the Hotend Block with a m3- . The hole for this connections is in the upper left corner of the block.
[* black] Install the Stepper Motor with the long leads to the printed extruder body with 3 m3-6 screw, do not install the screw in the top back position. This will be the hole that later attaches the lever arm to the extruder body.
[* black] Assembly of the lever arm will include two metal side pieces, two small metal screw retaining pieces, a printed plastic lever arm piece, a Tnut, 1 m3-16 screws, 1 m3 nut, two m3-6 screws small bearing, and a m5- screw.
[* black] Note: there is a hole in the middle of the arm plate on each side. Do not install a screw in this hole. Marked with a red circle in the picture for this section.
[* black] The small retaining metal parts are held in place with the slots cut into the metal side pieces.