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[title] Z Axis Assembly
[* black] To begin the Z assembly install the 2040 extrusions to the lower side plate as well as the two short 2020 extrusions. At the top of these two extrusions you will mount the upper side plate as pictured. For this section we recommend removal of the Y section from the frame.
[* black] Check the leadnuts for any burs like shown in the picture. If you find any you can remove them with a small file. Screw the leadnut on the leadscrew and make sure that you can turn the nut with just one finger and thumb.
[* black] If you cannot easily turn the nut you will need to chuck the leadscrew into a drill and run the screw back and forth until it becomes easy to turn with a single finger and thumb.
[* black] Next assemble the Z plates (X2) as shown. The leadscrew nut will mount to the leadnut bracket with m3-x screws and nuts. This will in turn mount to the Z plate with two m3-6 button head screws.
[* black] Install the wheels into the Z plate. Use the eccentrics and special spacers for the two larger mounting holes.
[* black] Install all wheels with the nuts for the wheels on the plate side of the assembly. If you mount the nut on the wheel side for this section the nut will catch on the upper side plate.
[* black] Install the two Z plate assemblies onto the 2040 upright Z extrusions. Make sure the square hole in each plate is facing the front of the printer. The metal plate itself goes to the inside of the 2040 extrusion as shown.
[* black] Adjust the eccentric cams on each plate until all wheels are just snug and don't easily slip when you try and turn them with your finger and thumb. This adjustment is done by turning the eccentric cam with a wrench provided.