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[title] X Axis assembly Part 2
[* black] Mount the rear carriage plate to the front carriage plate with the supplied m5-30(upgrade kit users please use m5-35 provided screw). Install the two supplied printed spacers while doing this step. The curved part of the spacer faces down. The rear metal plate for the X carriage is packed in the electronics box for protection.
[* black] Zip tie one end of the belt to the clip on the back X plate (pictured) Place the plate in the middle of the extrusion, run the belt around the pulley, to the bearing, and the other side of the X plate more or less tightly. and and zip tie it.
[* black] Loosen the bearings screw, and push it toward the edge of the extrusion as far as you can, and tighten it. You want the belt to be just tight enough to make a low sounding note like plucking a bass guitar string. We want it to just barely make a note. A thud sound is not enough.

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