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[title] Y Axis Assembly Part 3
[* black] Pictured is a detail for the Y idler bearing. This mounts at the opposite end of the Y motor mount and is the far side return point for the Y belt. Installation is screw, 605 bearing, washer, 605 bearing, washer, D idler plate, extrusion, T-nut.
[* black] If required add a washer to ensure that the bearing properly tightens down. Washer ID and OD are fairly precise but the thickness is not.
[* icon_note] Install the wheels to the bed plate. Use the wheels that have the V slot cut into the center of them. '''When installing the wheels the nut will be next to the wheel. '''The bed top is the same side of the plate where the side bends face up and the front and back bend face down.
[* black] Once the wheels are installed slide the bed onto the Y frame. The front of the bed will have screw holes for two glass clips on each front side. The front of the Y frame will be end with the Y motor.
[* black] Install the Y belt offset printed part to the bottom of the bed once the bed has been slid onto the rails. This part runs in the slot in the top deck that goes from front to back. Use m3-x screws and m3 nuts to mount this piece.
[* black] To install the belt put both ends of the belt into the hole in the belt offset piece. Fold the belt over on the top of the bed and secure with the small belt clamp. This clamp screws to the bed with M3-6 button heads.