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[title] Y Axis Assembly Part 2
[* black] Insert the Y assembly into frame. Get a small square or you can use the plate for the hatch cover and square up the frame with the Y assembly installed. Once you are square : tighten all 16 top deck screws, tighten 4 extrusion and two stiffener screws on ends. Front stiffener should be 2 washers away from the front plate
[* black] Tighten 8 bottom stiffener screws tighten 8 right screws with rail flush to extrusion. Tighten 8 left screws with rail 2 washers thickness away(1.5mm), no more
[* black] You will now remove the Y assembly by removing the 6 screws holding it in place. When the Y assembly is reinstalled later the Y assembly will bring the lower frame back into square. Slide 3 T-nuts inside left extrusion, 2 for y motor, 1 for idler mount Y motor plate assembly inside left extrusion.
[* black] Use the stepper motor without the black sleeve around the wires for this step. The long lead (black covered wires) are used for the X and the extruder. Short cables are used for the Y and the 2 Z motors.
[* black] Use the supplied M3-6 button head screws to mount the Stepper Motor to the Y motor mount plate.
[* black] In the above picture one bearing set is mounted with a M5 nut. The other two are mounted with T-nuts. The Y motor mounted in its proper location. Notice that the end of the plate is set back about 10mm from the front of the extrusion.