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[title] X Axis Assembly
[* black] With the tapped end of the extrusion to the right pace 2 T-nuts in slot 1 and same in slot 3 on the front. Loosely tighten the 90 Degree Brackets to them, approximately 30mm from the edge of the extrusion.
[* black] Place 1 T-nut in the middle slot about 20mm from the end. Assemble on a m5-25 screw the following. bearing, washer, bearing, washer, bearing, washer and one small D plate with two holes ( 3 bearings, 3 washers).
[* black] Loosely tighten this assembly to the T-nut you installed in the middle slot of the X, either inline (or a bit farther out) with with leftmost 90 Degree Bracket. You might need to add washers if the screw is too long and bottoms out against the extrusion. (D plate shown below. Used in the X and Y belt idler bearing assemblies)
[* black] Place a pulley on the motor, and attach the mounting plate to the motor - mind the wire orientation. Place a T-nut in slot 1 and 3 on the rightmost side, and attach the motor plate, with the motor flush with the extrusion end.