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[title] Y Axis Assembly
[* black] Add 5 T-nuts in bottom of left extrusion, 4 in bottom of right line up the 2 extrusions slide 8 T-nuts in top of each extrusion install V Wheel rails, with plate on top using m5-8 screws with washers, leave slightly loose Use the top deck plate to align the T-nuts in the two extrusions to line up the holes for the top plate/ V-rail / T-nuts.
[* icon_note] ** Note the detail picture. The v-rail outside edge goes up and lines up with the top deck plate to give accurate spacing of the rails between each other. This area is highlighted.
[* black] Place the two long V rails on top of the two extrusions.
[* black] Once aligned place the top deck on top of the V-rails and then use M5-10 screws with two washers to secure the assembly together. Only finger tighten the screws in this step, they will be securly tightened in a later step.
[* black] Make right side tight to the extrusion, put on two end stiffeners loosely. The stiffeners look very similar to the bent metal parts that mount the psu and the rambo. The stiffeners are shorter and have two holes for mounting on each tab that sticks out.
[* black] The top deck plate should be adjusted so each end overhangs the 2020 extrusions equally. This overhang is what in later stages will sit on top of the front and back plate to ensure the top deck is level to the base section.